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I first started working out in 2004 after a friend introduced me to weight training and cardio. Before that I was abusing drugs and alcohol for several years and was very unhappy with the way my life was.

Today I couldn’t be happier with my physique, through years of training and through trial and error I learned and applied the best techniques to achieve the body I always wanted.

I passionate about fitness and bodybuilding and helping average men and women get in great shape

I love meeting new people and trying new things and try to live life to the full.

However, things were not always so great in my life, and I have seen my fair share of adversity.

Growing Up

As a Kid, I was a shy, insecure and was pretty bad at almost every sport  I played.

Every kid my age loved football and other sporting activities except me.

For years, I thought there was something wrong with me because I could never fit in with the rest of the crowd at school. I admit that I was a bit of a loner and did not have many friends accept for the dog that use to follow me to school. 🙂

Almost every time I tried to kick a ball straight it would go in a different direction and sometimes it would hit somebody in the face. I was no Roberto Carlos; that’s for sure!

I was so bad on the field; they put me in goals instead. That was even worse! I say I only saved one out of the ninety goals that were scored.

At that point, I lost confidence in my ability to play sports and completely gave up. I guess if was a great soccer or rugby player things would have been a whole lot different for me today.

Life as a teenager

When I got into my late teens, I started drinking heavily and even got suspended from school as well as getting expelled. But I’d always go back in the next day and beg the principle to let me back.

So I spent most of my late teens and mid twenties getting high, playing computer games all day long, getting into fights at school and getting kicked out.

I wasn’t a proud son and had no self-esteem and was afraid to make new friends.

I’d just hang out with the regulars and stick within my comfort zone.

Luckily enough, I got to complete my leaving certificate with good grades, so that was a nice achievement.

After finishing secondary school in 1998, I got a job and spent most of my money on drugs and alcohol at the weekend. From 2000-2003, I smoked weed, drank, snorted cocaine and took ecstasy.

Back then, a lot of my mates drank and took drugs. It was socially acceptable in those days, and nobody gave a shit.

I had no plans, no ambition and just went with the flow of life. I was in a job that I thought I loved, but I knew I could do so much better but settled for it anyhow.

I knew I had to do something worthwhile with my life, but had no idea what that was. I wanted to clean my life up so I could feel better about myself.

Tough Times

In 2003, I decided to visit a friend in South Africa and ended up getting a job and staying there for three months. When I wasn’t at work, I’d be drinking, smoking weed and snorting cocaine with my flatmate.

That was pretty much my lifestyle during my time in South Africa until I finally returned home to Ireland after losing my job, thanks to drugs and alcohol. Nothing to be proud of and it completely messed me up.

When I came home from South Africa, I returned to work and within a few weeks I walked out of the job. I did this because; I was so aggressive and rude to the staff that I felt I could not cope on the job.

Drink and drugs obviously had a negative effect on me, and I had to stop so in 2004 I joined a gym with my sister. I had no idea what exercise I wanted to do; All I know is that I wanted to clean up my life.

Maybe it was due to the loneliness, or may be because of the lack of fulfillment in my life. As a result, I ended up abusing drugs and alcohol throughout my late teens and early twenties.

Luckily, my sister cared enough to reach out and helped fight my demons. She helped me out of the rut I was in and persuaded me to join a gym with her in 2004.


me in 2003

Back in 2003

To be honest, I was afraid to go to the gym at first. I had always imagined there would be intimidating guys there who would laugh and make fun of me if I dropped a weight on myself or tripped over something.

I used to be self-conscious, shy, and was afraid to try new things. I kept making excuses and avoided going to the gym until my sister practically dragged me there.

When I finally joined a gym, I discovered my love for working out.


Phoenix Park 2010

I met my first training buddy Chris shortly after becoming a regular at the gym. This guy happens to know a lot about weight lifting, diet, and fitness.

He has been working out most of his life, and I was fortunate enough for him to coach me for a few years.

Within a few months of training with Chris, I managed to achieve the results I wanted. At that point in time and I was really happy with the results (Thanks, Chris, I couldn’t have gotten here without you).

Justin Kavanagh

Photoshoot 2012

Then my life changed. Or should I say…I changed my life!

I was never happy with the huge bodybuilder look. To me, finding the right balance between building muscle (without looking huge) and having a six pack was always more attractive than simply being the biggest guy in the room.

I used to think it was impossible to get a six pack but after I had moved to Dublin, I focused more on core exercises to shed tummy fat.

You’d be surprised how many guys neglect training their abs, so I decided to train abs at least 2-3 times a week until I eventually did get a six pack.

Let’s just say everyone has a six-pack under the layer of fat covering it. If you are looking to get them more defined you obviously need to train them as often as you train any other body part.




Here, I let myself go for a while, but quickly got myself back on track.

After ten plus years of training at some of the best gyms and clubs in Ireland, I am grateful I have finally found what I enjoy.

On October 3rd 2015, I competed in my first ever bodybuilding competition that I’m quite proud of.

You can read all about it here ==>> My First Bodybuilding Show

It was a journey worth training for and It can only get better from here.

bodybuilding show

That’s me on the left (front row)

I know exactly what it takes to improve one’s physique, as long as your willing to make a commitment to train hard and eat clean, no doubt, you to can achieve your goals.

shredded abs

I have helped several guys transform their bodies by using my workout routine and diet plan and I can do the same for you if you are serious about it.

I can honestly say there is nothing more rewarding than changing someone else’s life.

The positive feedback I have received from them is quite uplifting and encouraging.

The purpose of this website

I created this website to reach out and help others get fit and get in shape. If you are looking for help or advice with your health and fitness, contact me and I will put you on the right track.

Here are some of my favorite articles, I’m sure you’ll benefit from reading:

I am just a regular guy…just like you, and if I can do it, so can you. You probably think you don’t have time to workout.Don’t make any excuses. Procrastination and exercise is a common thing. Trust me, once you begin working out and stick to it for a couple of weeks, you will get good results that you won’t want to stop. Working out will become an everyday habit.

It is all about taking that first step, joining a gym and starting a diet. I have overcome my obstacles in life, and I will help you overcome yours.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me gaelicjay@gmail.com.

Follow me on Facebook and Twitter (links below) and let me know if you need any help whatsoever with your health and fitness goals.

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You deserve a better life, starting from today.

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