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Funny Excuses Irish People Make For Not Exercising

Before I get into all the funny excuses Irish people make for not exercising, I’d like to talk about an article I read recently from The website that talks about why Irish people do less exercise than American’s. There is no real proof if that’s true but I’m not surprised if it is judging by […]

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How Fast Foods Are Causing Obesity In Ireland

Lets face it, there are very few places that offer healthy food to eat in Ireland.  And the reason why Irish kids are some of the fattest kids in Europe is because fast food is easily accessible. After all we live in a fast paste world, it’s no wonder fast food makes so much sense […]

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4 Steps To An Effective Warm Up Routine

If you’ve been hitting the gym for a while now, you probably already know how important it is to warm-up before that big session. It will protect you from getting injured, it will increase the quality of the workout session you’re about to perform, and it will make the entire experience more enjoyable for you. […]

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Get Killer Abs and Look Awesome This Summer

Summer is almost here, and you’re looking for ways to get those killer abs.  There are just two steps that you will need take. They are losing fat and building your muscle. That’s it. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, if it really was that easy, everyone would walk around with some nice six packs instead […]

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Why You Should Never Take Steroids

Hey guys, In this article I want to discuss why you should never take steroids you see bodybuilders take are called Anabolic steroids. They resemble the testosterone, and will cause you to have more body hair as well as physical strength and muscle. If you have problems with your bones, appetite, or are having a hard […]

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Darkness Into Light in Dublin 11th May 2013

This year i will be taking part in at 5K run/walk – Darkness Into Light, which will take place in Dublin on the 11th of May 2013 in Phoenix Park. This is an organisation  to raise money for people who are suicidal or self-harming. The run/walk takes place in the early hours of the morning, starting […]

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Eating Tips To Get You 6 Pack Abs Fast!

I want to share with you some eating tips to get you six pack ABS fast. I also want to share with you why Cardio is important as part of your diet and workout program.I can’t count people asking me how do I get ripped ABS. I am going to give you some mental advice on […]

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Best Exercise To Burn Fat And Maintain Muscle

Speaking from personal experience, the absolute best exercise to burn fat and maintain muscle is sprinting. Jogging continuously for long distances often wears down muscle mass attained through strength training at the gym and does less to enhance the physique whereas concentrated sprinting helps to eliminate body fat more effectively while maintaining healthy muscle growth. […]

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How to gain muscle fast

There are several ways to build muscle fast. Here are some of the best ways… 1. EAT EAT EAT, I know this seems to be obvious but a lot of people fail to eat ENOUGH. You must consistently consume more calories than you’re burning. So if you’re engaging in really intense workouts, you’re burning calories, […]

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Workout Routine To Get Ripped

If your goal is to have a world-class fitness body it’s best to build muscle and have a well-defined six-pack. Most guys want to learn how to get ripped and been able to achieve those washboard abs is a priority. The good news is I can help you achieve that goal by giving you a […]

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